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What Our Partners Say 2

What our partners say about us


It has been our privilege to work with PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains in the distribution of on Bon -One® for the treatment of osteoporosis in Indonesia. As one of our most valuable partners, Dipa has been demostrating Teijin’s corporate philosophy “Improving the Quality of Life” in Indonesia.


Based on its strong relationship with doctors, Dipa has provide high-quality scientific information and played an enormous role establishing a strong network of doctors. Furthermore, dipa has made a significant contribution to better understanding of osteoporisis and to making the osteoporisis treatment widely available to patients in Indonesia. We greatly appreciate Dipa’s commitment and dedication, and we hope that our successful business partnership with Dipa continnues for many years to come.


Mr Satoru Akiyama

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General Manager
Global Pharmaceutical Business Department

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