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What Our Partners Say

What our partners say about us


Vitrolife Is very proud to work with PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains in Indonesia with the products manufactured and marketed by Vitrolife in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology.


In all these years, the company has proven to be a loyal partner and an excellent service provider. The company has been playing significant role not only providing the quality products but also in transferring the state of the art science and the knowledge to the Indonesian IVF community in order to assist the IVF clinics to achieve continuously improving success rates, which is strongly in line with Vitrolife’s vision of “To fulfill the dream of having a healthy baby”. The profound knowledge, rich experience and most importantly the dedication of staff working with our products and the strong leadership of the company have made the collaboration satisfactory. We look forward to a closer and more fruitful collaboration with PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains.


Meishan Jin, PhD

Vice President Asia, Sales
Vitrolife Sweden AB
Box 9080, SE--‐400 92
Tel/Mobile +46 31 7218040
Fax +46 31 7218090
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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